7 Steps for Getting Your Roof Repaired After a Storm

Storm season is right around the corner once again for us living in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Although we hope that we don’t have any rough weather blow through our neck of the woods, it’s always best to be prepared. One part of being prepared is being knowledgeable of the action steps to take if you happen to need any roof repair services after a storm. In order to help you to be prepared as homeowners, here is the seven-step process for you to receive the roof repair services needed through your insurance coverage.

Step 1: Call Your Insurance Provider
This first step is to contact the company you have your homeowners insurance through. You want to report that you may have storm damage to your home. (Tip: Be sure to write down your claim number.)

Step 2: Contact a Local Roof Repair Contractor
Once you have made a claim to your homeowners’ insurance provider, give your local roofing contractor a call, passing along the claim number.

Step 3: Inspection of Storm Damage
Since you already made your claim with the insurance company, they will contact you with the name and phone number of their Adjuster. Along with this information they will also give you the time and date in which the insurance adjuster will come and investigate the damage done to your home. The adjuster is the one who determines how much damage has been done and how much the insurance company will cover. Once you have this information, again, call your roofing repair contractor and provide this information. It is important that the roofing contractor is present while the insurance adjuster is performing the inspection. The contractor is able to work with the adjuster in order to come up with an agreed plan for restoring your home and the proper repairs needed.

Step 4: Select the new Roofing Material
After your meeting with the insurance adjuster and have the “okay” to move forward, you can choose the products and colors you want for your roof repairs.

Step 5: Schedule Repair
After you have made your product selections, your roofing repair service company will schedule your project to begin within the following two weeks.

Step 6: Wait for Insurance Money
During this two-week process you should be receiving the first payment and the claim report from your insurance provider.

Step 7: Repairs Completed & Paid
There will be insurance paperwork that is to be given to your roofing contractor. When they complete the repairs and have this paperwork, both you and your insurance company will be given the final invoice. The payment of the remainder of this invoice is due when you get the final payment for the claim from your insurance company.

These are the seven basic steps that help you be prepared as we go into this potentially stormy season. Keep in mind these are action steps and we help the roof repair process through your home owners insurance will be an easy one (if you need to use it).