Metal Roofs by Cedar Crest Construction and Metal Sales

Why A Metal Roof?
A metal roof will likely be the last roof you ever purchase. A quality metal roof will last for generations – three times or longer than an asphalt shingle roof.

Resale Value
On average, a quality metal roof increases the value of a home by $1.45 per square foot.1 Asphalt shingle roofs are often a liability when it’s time to sell. Aesthetics
Metal roofs offer a wide variety of profiles and unlimited colors to complement and dramatically improve the curb appeal of any style home.

Virtually Maintenance Free
Metal roofs are easily maintained with simple washing of water or with household detergents for areas with heavy dirt deposits. Reduced Insurance Premiums
Unlike asphalt or wood shingles, a metal roof exposed to burning embers will not catch fire. 2 Also, metal roofs fare better than shingles in high winds.
These advantages can save up to 35% on insurance premiums. 3

Environmentally Responsible
Steel is the #1 recycled material in the world, and residential metal roofs are made from up to 30% recycled steel. Asphalt shingles contain petroleum, are rarely recycled, and contribute 11 million tons of landfill waste per year. 4

1 Cool Metal Roofing Coalition. 2 In areas of high fire incidence, installation of a fire barrier may be advisable. 3 Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). 4 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


“When it rains, metal roofs are noisy.”
This is one of the most common misconceptions of residential metal roofing. This likely stems from a common experience with the sound that rain makes on old barns and worn buildings. The difference between a barn and residential roof is a solid roof deck. This deck combined with underlayment dampens noise, resulting in a roof that is no more or less noisy than any other type of roof. “Metal roofs get struck by lightning.”
Lightning strikes the highest point in an area, regardless of material. Metal roofs are as likely to be struck as asphalt shingles, slate, wood or any other type of roof material. “Metal roofs are heavy.”
Surprisingly, metal roofing is generally 50% lighter than an asphalt roof and 75% lighter than concrete tile, fiber cement shakes and slate.

“Metal roofs rust.” Metal roofs have come a long way. Metal Sales roof panels feature multi-layer protection that starts with a galvanized or Galvalume® coating over the base metal, and employ high-quality color systems that carry industry-leading warranties. The advanced alloys in these protective coatings have undergone real-world weathering tests and ensure that your metal roof will remain impervious to corrosion for decades to come.

“You can’t walk on a metal roof.”
Metal roofing is very durable. With adequate fall protection, you can safely walk on a metal roof without causing damage to the panel. The solid roof deck under the metal panels provides ample structure to easily hold a person. Before you walk your roof, please consult your installer or roof manufacturer. They can advise on the safest walking practices based on your roof’s style and pitch. “Metal roofs are hot.”
Roofs naturally get hot under sunlight. However, metal roofs come in a variety of ‘cool’ colors that reflect solar heat. Metal also releases solar heat quicker than asphalt shingles, reducing the heat load on a home. According to the Heat Island Group,1 reflective metal roofs reduce the need for cooling homes during hot summer months by up to 40%, saving energy and money.

Would you buy a house if it had exterior walls that needed to be replaced every 15-20 years?

Never. Yet millions of homeowners annually purchase asphalt shingle roofs that will only last 20 years at best.

Fortunately, this is changing.

Homeowners are discovering a far more permanent roofing solution – metal.

Explore the clear advantages of metal roofing today – why metal has become the fastest-growing category of roofing, and why a Metal Sales™ roof offers the best value to today’s well-informed homeowner.

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