How to Choose the Right Siding for your Home

When it’s time to reside your home, there are many factors to consider including where you live (think climate and how it affects your home’s exterior), what your budget is, and what look best suits your home and personal style. Thanks to the wide variety of siding options available to homeowners, there really is a perfect siding for every home. The professional siding contractors at Cedar Crest Construction have compiled some important decisions you need to make while selecting your new siding.

Get the Color Right

The color of your siding is a massive statement piece for your home. It can be calming, energizing, majestic, or anything in between and you get to make the decision that sets it on that spectrum. Don’t forget contrasting points like trim, shutters, and door color in the mix because these will set your home apart and make it yours.

Don’t be Afraid of Texture

On trend at the moment is reclaimed exteriors which give your home’s skin some serious texture and flair. Get a similar effect by using cedar siding or textured steel siding. The former is beautiful, warm, and woodsy while the latter offers incredible advantages in the form of little to no maintenance needed.

Stay Environmentally Conscious

When you choose a siding like fiber-cement, you’re helping your home to operate more efficiently. Fiber-cement also offers greater longevity than traditional vinyl siding and boasts of low maintenance. The resiliency of this type of siding will mean fewer siding repairs and replacements will need to take place, and therefore more money will stay in your pocket and less garbage (old, worn out siding) will end up in the dump.

Siding Contractors at your Service

For any questions about siding and to figure out which type is best for your home, contact the siding contractors at Cedar Crest Construction today.